On another note …

I dished out the big bucks and registered our own domain name!

Can you believe schrodingersdog was’t taken?  🙂

So as you can now see on the url we’re real and with it internets peoples!

No worries about having to re-bookmark the home page as the old wordpress still works and redirects automatically.

What will I do next?   😀


  1. MemoryShock says:

    Nice…I was horrified a few years ago when I discovered that MemoryShock.com was taken…it was like a part of me had been stolen…

    Then I realized that it was probably the government choosing the name so if anyone decided to goggle me then they would be directed to an irrelevant seminar site causing them to dismiss the search all together…clever bastages…:D

  2. bigfatfurrytexan says:

    If you want my input on what will be next, i hope to see some more of your original writings. 🙂 Your mind is what I came here for.

    Not to mention to peek behind the curtain so i could see what makes you tick a little more.

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