Feedback from the Dog-Heads please!

I have noticed that every once in a while wordpress, in order to pay their bills, will embed a few ads on comment pages. To be clear I see no revenue from those ads.  I have to carry them as a part of the agreement for their free service.

No problem there, they provide the service and software for free so I take no issue with that, especially since the ads use up very little space and are low profile.

However I want your visits here to be as enjoyable as possible and not to be encumbered by lots of ads.

I have the option of turning them off for about $30 a year.  I have absolutely no problem spending that to improve the user experience … all I am seeking from you is your take on whether or not it does have that affect.

So if they are a distraction and are bothering you just let me know and they’ll be gone forthwith … if you’ve never noticed them or they don’t bother you in the least I’ll do nothing.

Also, I welcome and appreciate any constructive input as to any idea you may as to how to improve the site.  This is literally my first rodeo so I’m really all but winging it.

Cheers and Regards!


  1. Cloak n' Dagger says:

    Huh..? Ads? I haven’t seen any here yet. Or perhaps some forums has made me completely immune against them? Perhaps my brain has now developed the cunning ability to simply not register ads at all even when a webpage is absolutely cluttered up with them? 😀

    But seriously, ads don’t really bother me. I seem to have become blind to them. Pop ups, however… And any kind of ads with sound! Wow, it’s like God himself suddenly starts yelling at you when you sit there quietly, minding your own business while browsing a website… Freaky as hell! And ANNOYING!!!!!! 😦

    Ads OK. Pop ups not OK. Talking ads or pop ups NOT OK AT ALL.

    End of feedback. 🙂

  2. bigfatfurrytexan says:

    i use adblocking stuff on firefox. i would suspect most people are like me and have adblock or something in place.

    To see your videos i have to enable that scripting to run, actually. I am paranoid like that. More security than i need, and stuff.

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