Nothing Really


  1. bigfatfurrytexan says:

    Welcome back to the “blogosphere”. I hope you stay around for awhile.

    The “Vlog” format might work for you. You have that beanie on, just like “fluffee talks”…except you are smarter. 🙂

  2. Squamata says:

    Well, it used to really chap my scutes trying to hear your musings o Dog, however with these flat black headphones, I have no trouble hearing you. weeeeeeee!

    We have always had the power, IMO, but we’ve yet — for the most part — to own the responsibility that comes with the power of expression and definition. Hell, do we even recognize that responsibility exists, apart from our own selfish needs?

    The furry one does, you do. I’m just getting there. I’ve become so autonomous that I thought I was apart from the need for interaction, and thus, the need for information. Is there information to be gleaned from wikileaks? Sure, but is it useful to any of us in any way other than a tool for assessing blame for conditions that we suffer from, for which we disavow responsibility of? I think it can be useful, but only if used to build, to progress — and I’m not talking construction here, I mean real human growth which paradoxically, often requires deconstruction of sorts.

    do I know what I’m talking about? Not a chance. … but at least I’m responsible for my own BS, and that’s a start.

    Enjoyed your latest offering. C’mon down to the rock and enjoy a robust homemade steam beer and perhaps the best conch steak you’ll ever slobber over.

  3. wondering says:


  4. wondering :



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