I’m at the airport in Paris waiting for my flight back home to Washington DC .

I have discovered the definition of a civilized nation … it is not in its culture, history, language, art, architecture …

It is defined by the fact that it still has a smoking section at the airport.

The ability to self destruct at one’s convenience is a fundamental right … only a virtuous nation will provide such comforts.

See y’all on the other side of the water.



  1. bigfatfurrytexan says:

    i really didn’t intend ot comment on every post you have made. It just ends up that way.

    I hate that about US airports. I am a smoker. The only places i have seen that have concourse smoking is in Memphis, TN (that was 5 years ago…they may have changed it).

    the antismoking movement in America smacks of a pop culture meme. I am considerate of others, and don’t smoke in restaurants, etc. But it is ridiculous when i havve my kids come home from school spouting school related propaganda.

    Do they bother to tell our kids that second hand smoke is less dangerous than what pours out of the school bus exhaust? I bet not.

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