If I may take a moment …

… to earnestly thank everyone who has taken a little time from their days to come by and visit this silly place.

I was just looking at the blog stats and we just got our 1000th visitor (about 500 visitors each month for the first two months).

I can’t tell you how surprised, humbled, and appreciative I am for this … whereas these are tiny numbers in the context of a big internet, each and every visit means a great deal to me and I truly cherish it as if someone had taken the time and effort to visit me in person.

So thank you so so much, both for your visits and your comments … thank you.


  1. bigfatfurrytexan says:

    LOL. I have always seen it more like, “Thanks for not hoarding your mind, and for sharing it with us.”

    🙂 I visit maybe 3-4 sites a day. This is one of them.

    • 🙂 Thanks.

      You know, there are all sorts of ways and stuff one can do to promote one’s blog … other than linking the URL in a forum signature and on my twitter profile (which I rarely use) I have done nothing to try to promote this blog … nor do I really think I will. I have no social networking accounts and I haven’t even told my RL friends about this place. Heck, I haven’t bothered to tell Mrs. Sdog about it. 🙂

      I kind of like it this way … I don’t mind if very few folks show up, in fact I kind of like the fact that most everyone comes here of their own impetus rather than me having to pitch the silly thing everywhere.

      I guess i just want it to take its natural course … whatever that may be.

      Btw, I put a little widgety thingie on the side bar with the blog stats so that everyone can see the rush. 😀


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