Summertime Interlude


  1. levelsofillusion says:

    Loved the Zombies. I look back on that era as the “High Days” of musical creativity (in more ways than one). I stumbled upon an old Scott Walker video and, with a little touch of bullshit, incorporated it into a piece about the graduation at “Liberty University”… the largest “University” that contends that the earth is but 6000 years old.
    Scott Walkers song went on to be the theme song of “Absolutely Fabulous” the British comedy series that I enjoyed so much. And, I felt, a GREAT theme song for “Liberty” who, with the late, great, Jerry Falwell at the rudder, have done more to promote “Christian Education” in a STUPID ASS WAY than anyone I can think of.
    Good stuff

  2. levelsofillusion says:

    I live 17 miles from “Liberty”. Talk about “Stranger in a Strange Land”! The Local Lynchburg news paper is under the control of the “Falwell Cartel”. Needless to say, I have been banned for life.
    Jerry himself demanded that my comments (years worth) were removed from the papers archives. He pulled all his advertising and had other businesses do the same. He Forbid reporters from entering the campus. For two weeks the paper was half its normal size. Of course, with freedom of speech and all, they buckled under.
    To return the favor I instituted [NO MORE DAY] it is May 15th. The day the fat bastard kicked the bucket.
    (we even have bumper stickers)

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