A Cosmist Manifesto: Might There Be Intelligences in Other “Dimensions”?

“Many people, after having certain meditative experiences or taking certain psychedelic substances (especially DMT), emerge with a strong intuitive sense that they have been communicating with intelligent transhuman beings in some other “dimension” — a dimension quite close-by to us, but normally inaccessible to us due to the nature of our mind-architecture and self-structure….

Some folks, such as Terrence McKenna, have hypothesized that the technological Singularity will put us in touch with these beings (which he whimsically labeled “nine-dimensional machine-elves”!), via allowing us to occupy more flexible mind-architectures and lose the restrictions of the human self…

Interestingly, this hypothesis that we’ll contact such beings after the Singularity is verifiable/falsifiable… we just need to create the Singularity to find out!

If nothing else, this line of thinking serves to remind us that it’s mighty hard to meaningfully chart what might happen after Singularity. After all, if McKenna is right and post-Singularity we will contact these beings and ingest information from them or in some sense join their world — then from that point on the direction of our mind-evolution will be quite independent of any detailed prognostications we might make now…”

Source and more:  A Cosmist Manifesto: Might There Be Intelligences in Other “Dimensions”?.

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