I like Greg

Greg said on Wed, 07/07/2010 – 3:50pm (link)

Corporations are part of life in 2010. Your car is corporate. Your clothes are corporate. Your computer is corporate. Your phone is corporate. Your bike is corporate. Your shoes are corporate. Your house is made of corporate wood. Your activist spray-paint is corporate. And the drugs to keep you from feeling depressed from your own anarchist mind are corporate. Better get used to your place in the space/time continuum because it’s where you are.

Levi’s is trying to incorporate into the community by adapting and providing something useful & interesting & artistic. Is there business and branding motives behind it – sure – we live in a capitalist city and country. But no one complains when a mom & pop shop puts up a trashy store that gives nothing back to the community – why? What’s the difference? Trash is okay as long as it’s local? They’re local employees at Levi’s. They’re local managers at Levi’s. Hell, they’re even a local headquarters that started in San Francisco. So are we to vandalize any Valencia street company that actually grows beyond Valencia st.

Get a fucking mind and start truly thinking for yourself. Enjoy life and stop putting everything down as “bad,” just because it’s different. Because once you hate irrationally there’s no difference between nut job right wingers and nut job left wingers. I love living in the mission, but I hate when there’s a “mission” behind it.


  1. bigfatfurrytexan says:

    You are correct. The litmus test is the mark of ignorance.

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