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“This secret is no farther than merely being in the moment, you just have to be receptive to what is firmly and always has been in place. That you are not separate from the whole, that you are nothing in particular but you are all that is. You go beyond any concept and because of this, how could you reside only through the minds intellect. You are not those qualities, that you have been lead to believe, they are just mere by products of the personality. So let the personality play it’s game, it is all in good fun, but you need not be attached to that as your identity. You are at a much larger (or smaller) scale then that. This is why it’s so hard to put what you are in words… because the Truth does not take opposition into account because there is no opposition, there never was. Duality is an appearance, a phenomenal experience of the human being, but all experiences are like dreams, so watch the dream as if you were the sky and the dream were the cloud passing by. Do not try and hold the cloud in place and do not be sad that the cloud will move on, it is it’s nature to float on. See that it is you that you are looking for, seeking, and then seeking will drop away. See that you are not to be tied down, that you are the sky to the cloud, not the cloud to the sky.”

“You are Being, appearing as Human” – Adyashanti

via: http://liberatedself.wordpress.com/2009/12/12/poem-on-silence-adyashanti/

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