“Pass that car!” I commanded my father.

We were driving fast in an old Alfa Spider. The roads outside Paris were narrow and twisted but other cars were scarce. My mother was scared to death. She kept mumbling something about responsibility. I paid no attention. I was content in letting the wind rush through every fiber of my hair. I was very happy, I was nine years old.

The countryside kept getting more beautiful as we got further from Paris.

“Slow down” said my mother, this time with resignation in her voice.
“Where are we going?” I asked, “we left an hour ago.”
I was informed we were going to a friend’s house for lunch.

The downshifting of the gears was smooth as we pulled into the driveway. It was rather a boulevard more than a driveway, and the house was more like like a castle than a house, or at least it seemed that way back then. We weren’t used to luxury.

The ceremonial salutes with our hosts took place and we were accompanied inside the house. I sat on the biggest chair in the world and started sipping on my orangina. I must have almost dropped it when she came in.

I loved her. From the first moment my eyes saw her I must have loved her. A feeling of panic took over me. I had never felt that way before. I was one of those boys who hated girls and teased them cruelly during school breaks. But this time was different. From the first moment we saw each other, we loved each other.

We spent the whole afternoon playing games. I kept telling her I loved her and she did the same. We would lock ourselves in different rooms and laugh. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much or so freely in my life. We played almost naked in the garden spraying water at each other and our lips met over and over.

When we left that evening I was not sad. I was happy. Happy to have met her, happy to be alive, and most of all I was happy to love and to be loved more than anything in the world. You see, there was nothing to stop us, there were no responsibilities, no doubts, no cynicism, most of all no fear, no thing but our pure hearts, touched for the first time in the most beautiful way. Little did I know at that moment of absolute and perfect happiness that I would never feel that way again. Everything changes when you grow up. Since that day I have loved, and I have been loved, but it isn’t the same. It can’t, some things can only happen once.

“Please overtake that car” I begged my father.
My mother shook her head in despair.

– schrodingers dog (circa 1985)


  1. bigfatfurrytexan says:

    I like this. Anecdote, or fiction?

    I met my wife 15 years ago, and it is this kind of love. Our “bad”moments are few and short lived. Every moment i am awake i spend it in support of my love for her.

    It runs in her family. Her brother has been married for 22 years to his first girlfriend, who he met in 3rd grade.

    *SIGH* such a corny romantic, i am.

  2. bigfatfurrytexan says:

    LOL, if you want me to get you an account over there, i will be happy to do so. I have an “inside track”. You found my secret, i see. 🙂 It is a local community forum that i joined because of my mom. Sometimes i speak my mind, sometimes i just stir the hornets nest to observe humanity, and sometimes i just pick on Eurasian for being so far out there. you can U2U me on ATS if you would like me to get you set up as a member. I just need the username you applied with.

  3. bigfatfurrytexan says:

    BTW, did you get a lot of “hits” from them? I linked your blog over there. Lots of typical, west texans with closed minds. but there are some intellectuals that might enjoy this site. And i think everyone needs to hear your thoughts on life in general.

    • Sokay about the account … I tried to register “schrodingers dog” cause I was just going to contribute to your thread on The Age of Reason, but it isn’t a biggy, I figured they only want local IPs or something.

      And yes, mah traffic doubled on the day you linked me … all the way up to 30 hits!!!

  4. bigfatfurrytexan says:

    well, then i will keep linking there.

    if you ever want to apply in the future, let me know first. i will “grease the wheels”.

    I tell you, i know this is a lot of lighthearted stuff here. But when you are ready to get a little deeper, i may just read it two or three times. 😀

    • I’m in the process of acquiring some ducks so that I may, a little further down the line, position them in a row. 🙂

      Is it alright if I contact you via email so that I may update you as to any developments?

      And thanks for linking my silliness, it is very much appreciated.

  5. bigfatfurrytexan says:

    absolutely contact me by email if you would like. 🙂 i can only assume you have it already from my posting here. If not, U2U me and i will send it.

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