Hello World!

Greetings folks …

It has always been my custom to jump on bandwagons when the trains have already sailed and and the boats have left the station.  In this vain, and in the spirit of consistency, I have decided this timely exploration onto the peripetia which bears the curious nomenclature “blogosphere” … I say “curious” as the geometric shape of this milieux has yet to be confirmed.  Such pedantry is bound to be the subject of further exploration and consideration as time and will permits.

For now I just wanted to extend a warm welcome and heartfelt appreciation for any visitors, should they ever manifest, and hope that you will find the content I provide enjoyable albeit scarce.

Truth be told, I have no idea how this adventure will unfold … perhaps that is the element which I find most appealing.

Big Love!



  1. MemoryShock says:

    As an always entertained observer of the machinations of one Schrodingers Dog and an always further enlightened and challenged by same, I would like to say that the ruminations and oft non sequiturs that will undoubtedly begin to sprinkle and grow from this humble beginning are such as that shall induce moments of consideration, questions, personal epiphanies and, no doubt, uproarious laughter…all within context of the moment and all within context of experience.

    Such is the entity that is Schrodingers Dog…

    Thanks for a new spot S-Dog!!

    Oh…and bookmarked…:)

  2. Spira says:

    it is interesting – and funny

    but also very beautiful – nicely done


    just one more place for me to be doing things other than what I should be doing

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