Global BrainPaint – The Anatomy of a Minute

“This image was created as part of the Global Consciousness Project (GPC) data. It was process with algorithms created for EEG biofeedback purposes by the company BrainPaint. It is a time-lapse film of 8 minutes of data. From 1:45-3:30 minutes into the video, it is just one minute of date explored from multiple perspectives. For more information on the GPC go to”

These guys creep me out … still, it is interesting.

“BrainPaint is the creation and dream of Bill Scott. He first developed the software in 2005 to use it in his private practice and at the exclusive Moonview Sanctuary.

Bill began receiving requests for his software, especially from practitioners who were new to EEG biofeedback and did not want to invest the considerable time and resources it historically took to begin a neurofeedback practice.

In 2007, after BrainPaint had been used in a couple of clinical settings for two years a company was formed to make BrainPaint available to practitioners in the form of a turnkey system. We incorporated features based on Bill’s experience teaching over 3,000 practitioners globally on traditional neurofeedback systems. We eliminated most of the barriers to enter the field and the reasons for attrition among new practitioners.

Emphasis was placed on a low price point so that new practitioners can afford to test the waters. We also removed the significant learning curve in choosing appropriate and effective protocols to run sessions and assess progress. We have come as close as we could to integrating confidence in our automated turnkey system as we have incorporated over 15 years of clinical and research experience into BrainPaint.

We are committed to continually improving the efficacy and ease of use of our EEG biofeedback system to support new practitioners, seasoned practitioners and the home users they supervise. We are also dedicated to the field of EEG biofeedback with our globally expanding knowledge base from BrainPaint practitioners around the world.”


  1. Javier Charles says:

    The video is no longer available

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